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How to Host a Party
  • Choose the date. Talk with your friends/family and decide what will work for everybody. Pick an alternate date or two to avoid scheduling conflicts.

  • Call and book the date. We'll discuss the number of quests and menu options at this time.

  • Invite your guests. Tell them about a great new restaurant they have to try. What are their tastes? Do they prefer seafood or red meat, pork or poultry? Any food allergies?

  • Now we can make all the arrangements. We will plan the entire menu from hors d'oeuvres to dessert, wine pairing and specialty items.

  • Decide on your seating arrangements. Do you have a dining table to seat all of your guests? Are you going to decorate? I supply plates, silverware, wine and water glasses, cloth napkins, water pitcher, and serving utensils.

  • Purchase your beverages!! You may want a cooler full of beer and soda, bottles of wine, or a full bar with bartender. Choose what works best with your guests. I can assist with wine selection and supply a bartender if needed.

  • Get ready to have a great time! I honestly believe this will be one of the greatest meals you and your guests have ever had and an occasion to talk about for months.

  • Just because the party is at your house does not mean you have to pay for everything yourself. Many parties are joint efforts; split the cost with your friends as you would in a restaurant.

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