Roderick Williams' unique innovative wine country cuisine has earned him highlights on Evening Magazine, San Francisco Cuisine Magazine 2005, The San Francisco Chronicle, Good Morning Sacramento and the PBS show "At The Chef's Table".

He opened Santé in Sonoma and Aria at the Fairmont Chicago. "I was honored to be one of five Fairmont chefs from around the country invited to join forces to create one of the best new restaurants in Illinois," he said.

Because of his love of sharing tips and techniques, Rod has been selected to do cooking demonstrations at "The Cellar" in Macy's San Francisco, Sonoma Salute to the Arts and the Sonoma Vintage Festival.

Rod loves to travel to learn the secrets of the chefs across the country. He has been invited as guest chef at the Fairmont restaurants in Quebec, Hawaii, Acapulco, Chicago and Sonoma.

While developing his 10+ years of culinary expertise, Roderick has managed everything from the intimate private dining of a 4 star restaurant to the multi-million dollar accounts of high profile banquet events.
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