Rod at Work
With more and more people interested in the culinary world...

Here is a unique opportunity to host a gourmet restaurant dinner in the privacy of your own home...

the food is on your time;
the wine is on your dime; and the dining room never closes.
Since the begining of time, friends and family have gathered around the dinner table to enjoy great company, delicious food and fine wine.

Scallops With our busy schedules and fast paced lifestyles, we have turned to restaurants to ease the heavy burden of preparation, cooking and cleaning, but the intimacy has never been the same.  
Preparing a meal This is where we come in:

  • 4-star cuisine prepared and served in your own home
  • beverage savings (you buy it retail; we all know how
    much restaurants mark up wine and cocktails)
  • a clean kitchen after the guests have all gone home
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